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Simulating Summer

As we sped through Spring we started to think about how we were going to get back in to the swing of bell ringing. We had started to ring again on Easter Sunday with our limited numbers and social distancing in place, however as the restrictions lifted we found ourselves fewer in number than two years ago. Who will ring the bells?

The answer was obvious.....we need to teach at the Cathedral!

So now the work begins. If we are going to teach people to ring we will need a weekly practice night, a few emails here and few emails there, how about a Tuesday? Sounds good to us! That's the first part of the plan in place. Next step was down to our Steeple Keepers and their helpers. The bells were checked, bolts tightened, ropes moved and the tower cleaned ready to welcome people back to ringing.

The Simulator....

A simulator is a great teaching aid to help train new ringers and help existing bands improve their ringing. Over the last few years the more and more simulators have been installed in towers all around the country. There are several different options to choose from, Len who is one of our Steeple Keepers came across The Liverpool Ringing Simulator with a step by step guide on how to build your own, 'I can make that' Len said and a few weeks later the sensors arrived at the tower ready to be installed.

Simulator sensor

One Saturday afternoon, Len with the help of Jason installed the sensors on the front six bells at the Cathedral. A magnet on the wheel of the bell triggers the sensor as it passes by, then a signal is sent to a computer in the ringing chamber where a bell sound is made for the ringers to here.

So now we are all set to go, we have started our Tuesday evening practices and have our first new recruit. Do you ever hear the bells a wonder how it's done? This is the perfect time to find out, check out our visit us page or send a message on one of our social media pages.


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