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The Bells

The tower of Hereford Cathedral contains a ring of 10 bells. The bells are hung in an oak frame and date from various periods in time. The oldest of the bells is the sixth which is believed to have been cast c1350 up to our newest bell, the eighth, cast in 1953. The heaviest bell, the tenor, is nearly 34cwt and is around 500 years old. 

Hereford Cathedral Bell Inscriptions &  Weights

The weights and inscriptions of all 10 bells, handwritten after the recasting of the 8th bell in 1953. This hangs in the ringing chamber behind the 3rd.

The bells in a little more detail...

Bell Details 3.jpg

You may be wondering, what are canons and why do some bells have them and others not?

Canons are the loopy bits at the top of a bell that are used when attaching it to the headstock. Older bells will have canons unless they have been removed while new bells are cast without.

Here are photos of the 8th which was cast without canons, the top of the bell is flat and the 6th with it's canons attaching it to the headstock.

Bell 8 with no canons
Bell 6 with canons_edited.jpg
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